Do  you believe in miracles?  Whether you do or not, they are happening all of the time, all around you.  Your world isn’t the dead lump of clay moving on a fixed path that you think it is.  It is a living, breathing, organic entity that is constantly changing and developing.

 How do you feel about this?  Not, what do you think but how do you feel?  No matter how many “affirmations” you chant or how many “positive statements” you repeat, your thoughts won’t change your experience – only your feelings will.  If you read the above and feel insecure, your Mind will try to hold tightly to the same old experience.  If you read the above and feel depressed, your depression will keep you in the same old experience.  If you read the above and feel unconvinced, your convictions will remain the same and so will your life experience.   So how do you come into harmony with the way the world truly is rather than the way most humans have been experiencing the physical world? Well, that’s what you are exploring in March.

 The universe, because it loves you entirely and completely, will help you explore your own relationship to the world in March – as it will help everyone.  As always, this can be a rocky course or a smooth one.  Some humans will soar and some will do nothing but complain.  The openness and flexibility of the individual (or lack thereof) will determine that experience of the individual.

Excerpt from March 2014 update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the month, click here

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