Detachment. For millennia, We have spoken about the desirability of this state of being. Unfortunately, it is a difficult concept to convey in words and so humans have been confused. “Being in the world but not of it” is not a phrase that helps. For the metaphysical, especially, this simply implies “care about nothing in the physical world”. But neither means that you shouldn’t have likes and/or dislikes. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be happy. It doesn’t mean that the physical world doesn’t matter. Nor does it mean that you shouldn’t have goals and/or wishes, wants and/or yearnings.

Detachment, essentially, does not refer to the physical world. It refers to a process in which you have likes and dislikes, yearnings and wishes, and you have joy in life. It refers to a state of being in which you have both daily choices (and that you choose what you like) and an overall goal but in which you give up control over the process of obtaining that goal. It is a state of being in which, at each point (each step in physical life), you choose joy but you do not try to control the way in which your goal is reached. Simply put (very simply put), detachment is the detachment from a goal. The universal energies take care of the goal. They know what will make you truly happy if, at each step, you let them know what makes you happy.

April, the month of The Fool, is a month of detachment. This is why it is important that you truly understand this concept. You have been practicing (throughout 2013 in addition to the last few months) cooperating with the universal energies. Hopefully, this practice time has demonstrated to you the love and support of the universe and the magic that occurs when you trust the universe. The universe cares about you and wants you to live a life of joy – and you will, when it is in charge of the ultimate outcome

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