Although May 1st is often celebrated as Beltane, historically Beltane is a celebration that comes anytime throughout the first several days of May.  (In the “old” days, the priests would alert the community when the celebrations should begin.  There was no set calendar date.) This May, we’re stepping up as the priests: the energies of April continued through May 1st.  Therefore, Beltane may be celebrated in 2014 on any of the few days after May 1st. The magic, Power, and beauty of this time is available to you now.  Revel in it!

In April, earthquakes occurred both in the earth and in personal lives.  These “quakes” were both large and small – and numerous.  They effected everyone and all aspects of life.  The Power of these earthquakes has yet to be seen but can, even now, be felt.  Keep breathing deeply and keep detached – keep open to the possible outcomes.  This energy continued until May 1st so it will be some time until you see the outcomes.  But the magical aspects of the first few days of May give you the opportunity to keep open and send out the energy of your Heart – your deepest needs and yearnings.  The universe (if you keep open) will take this magical energy and expand it . . . shifting, shaping, and changing the very nature of your life , , , not through more earthquakes but by molding the energies that have been previously freed.

So for the first few days of May 2014, you can rest and take a breather (literally breathing deeply and opening to the universal energies).  Then you can begin the “work of May”:

“Get out of Our way and let Us do Our work!”

Oh yes, May is challenging in a different way – you are still not in control, which can be your deepest challenge.  In every aspect of your life (physical, mental, and emotional), We are asking you to let Us (or the universal energies, god/goddess, your own Being – whatever you call more pervasive energies) take care of shaping your life.

Excerpt from May 2014 update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the month, click here

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