Note: July 2014 update will be posted on July 5.

June is all about energy. The human being (the mind of the human being) is still not in charge, but who the human is and what you do as a human being is in command. Does this sound confusing? It isn’t, if you think about it.

 In daily life, human beings try to decide what needs to be done and/or they react to external events/people.  Or, they may (emotionally) act on “past” or “future” events.  But they do not usually simply be whom or what they are without “thinking/feeling”.  In other words, they do not usually just “Be here, now.”  It is not the way they live their lives; Being in the moment and simply acting in the moment is not a way of life for most. (The old way of thinking: How does that “protect” me in the future? How am I being responsible when I don’t think about what I need to do next?)  And yet, being in the moment is what June demands.  When a human takes care of the present, humans are using the Power of their energy.  They are standing in the Power of whom and what they are as god/goddess – pure energy.  That pure energy affects (and effects) everything around them, changing the world into a reflection of their pure energy – therefore creating a (physical) actuality of everything and everyone that the human being needs to live a fulfilled life.  Think of this: when you are here, being simply who and what you truly are, you are a being of Light Energy.  Everything bends to that and reflects it.

In June, because of the energies, plans will not be useful.  In fact, plans can be frustrating.  Even plans about the present day will be disrupted.  Plans about the future are a waste of energy.  If a human has a “goal” it needs to be a goal about what they are doing right now, in the moment . . .

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