The Beauty Way. This is the path of July and to which the energies, universally and personally, push each individual as well as society in general. The Beauty Way incorporates balance and harmony in every aspect of living – especially in the mental status of the human being.

 July is a “hot” month. Not because it’s summer (although temperatures will be high as well) but because the energy is hot. While June was a Power month, July is a time when the Power has integrated into your Being and is now running at full force. This means that while you can make snap decisions with impunity, you still cannot make plans. The Beauty Way pushes you to think in harmony with the world around you – with people, with nature, and with the spiritual energies. (Note: making snap decisions does not mean leaping. Making a decision in the moment is about taking small steps, not about leaping over several steps. Remember this as you walk your path in daily life.) And it pushes society to seek balance. When balance is not achieved, society (or aspects of society in which there is imbalance) immediately falls apart or implodes.

 Therefore, when the individual’s life is not in balance (again, especially mentally), there will be consequences. Blaming it on others (or on the actions of others) will only make the situation worse.

Excerpt from July 2014 update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the month, click here

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