Messy.  September is messy – and that’s a wonderful thing.  Messy means uncontrolled, magical, and unpredictable.  It means that anything can happen and usually will.  And when anything can happen, good (surprisingly good) things do happen.

 For over two and a half decades, we have guided you through the year, month by calendar month.  We have pretended for your sake that energies run by the calendar month (even though we have pushed it a few days here and there).  Of course energies do not work within the closed system of a calendar.  They are messy by human standards. They don’t follow human “rules.”  And, as you know, we are (beginning in October) moving towards talking to you more closely as energy runs – a three month period – not as the calendar runs.  (That is, we are creating “updates” that cover a three month period rather than a one month calendar period – and sometimes not exactly 3 months. Plan for deviation here, too.  We have said “the first week” – not an exact day!)

 So, in terms of our updates, this is the last monthly update we will do.  Coincidentally (hah!), the month of September is a month in which the energies are untidy (not structured) as well.  This is what you can look forward to in your life and in the external world:  “fits and starts”, unfinished business, confusion in minds, “random” events.  Of course, we have often told you that when you (in your mind) don’t know what is happening, you are not in charge.  And when you are not in charge, real change and the opening of possibilities can occur.  Real magic (from the perspective of the mind) can occur.  So in September, the beginning of possibilities without conclusions begins.  With the advent of the Tide Change, this becomes a powerful force for change in the world, for individuals and groups.

 Excerpt from September 2014 update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the quarter,  click here

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  1. Pam says:

    It’s been an interesting month.

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