Welcome to Our new format! For Us, this is a more comfortable way of looking at the shifting energies of the universes which (as we have said many times) do not move with the calendar.  From now on, we will speak about the energies of the season, which align roughly with the Tide Changes (slightly after). It is our hope that by helping you understand the season, you will focus more on the Now while having the understanding of the energies around you.  This gives you more Power and also speaks to you with Power.  There are influences that come from the traditional understanding of a season and there are influences that come from universal energies during a specific season in a specific year.  We will try to explain both influences in a way that you can understand.  Remember, We said “try.”  Because you do not have language already built to explain this, We will use many words to “herd” you to an understanding.


This season is traditionally about the thinning of the “Veil between the Worlds” (allowing easier access to other areas of consciousness). It includes the holidays of Yom Kippur, Sukkot,  Diwali,  Halloween, All Souls Day, all Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and more.  Every religious structure has a way of commemorating this time of focusing inwardly and celebrating the consciousness and Light within. Each of these holidays incorporates the multiple and varied traditions and energies of many religions and spiritual customs which still have a relevance to human consciousness. They speak to the energies of the human being and also to the potential to what a human can, and eventually will, be. The “Thinning of the Veil between the Worlds” has spoken to the ability of Spirit to walk the earth.  Now, Spirit can walk the earth (ghosts, demons, fairies, etc) but also the human being can recognize that he or she is more than a physical being. That is, the human being can walk the world of Spirit!

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Of course, from your point of view, all of this opening up can make you more vulnerable to the emotions of others.  (You will be more empathic – one of the gifts of Spirit.) But it also makes you more Powerful because you are acting with both your mind/body and Spirit.  You are creating yourself and your life.  Your spiritual vision and understanding will become “better” (more complete) and while you may feel for others, you will not be bound by their vision/feelings/expectations.  This is what being a source of Light in the world looks like:  You walk/create your own Path and show those who you love what this is.  And these are your twin goals for the Fall season: To be who you are while creating a (physical) life of harmony with who you are.  And to take advantage of all that has changed in 2014, of all that you have “learned”/experienced thus setting the stage for the Year of (personal) Power.

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