IT’S SPRING!  Finally. (The energies changed at Easter.) The Winter may have seemed long (and physically unproductive) but with Spring, life gradually opens up to you, and your actions began to be seen in physical reality. After the past Winter, the good news for Spring is that what you do and how you feel really make a difference in physical reality. For the human being, who has felt a bit stymied in physical realty, this is truly good news.


Hopefully, you have paid attention during the past few months and kept up with your own internal clarity as well as kept your eyes open in physical reality. If you haven’t, if you have just “lived” without consciously living, Spring will bring a lot of Light to your daily living. (This means that “lessons” will hit you on the head during the first part of Spring. Now, we don’t often talk about lessons because the point of life is to experience, not learn. But from your perspective, you want to live differently – more joyously and easily. So the “learning” we refer to is actually giving up old beliefs and expectations that limit your joy. In this sense, if you have dragged your feet – if you did the same old thing and thought the same old way – during Winter, Spring will show you exactly what thoughts and beliefs are no longer valid. This won’t be pleasant in the short run but it is needed for the long run.) For many (especially the unaware) the beginning of Spring is a “shaking up” time, literally. Think of this as a time of winnowing – plants (thoughts) that aren’t going to be hardy and survive will be pulled by their roots so that there is ample room for the strong and fruitful. These actions actually help you!


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