The love of the Source is abundant and always present


Read the above sentence and meditate on it.  It is always true, of course.  The Source (or That which is beyond/beneath god/goddess) is always present.  There can be no Life without the breath of the Source of All Things.  In this season, however, your awareness of the Source can be greater and therefore Its ability to act in the world and in your life is greater. Its ability to support and love you, to bring you Joy, is greater than ever before.  And this is the blessing of the summer of 2015.

 Keeping an awareness of this, without anything else, will impact your life and movement in ways that you cannot even comprehend as you move through these three months.  If you live with even the idea of what we have said here, you will move with Grace during this time.  And if you live with Grace, shifts and changes will occur. Kept in your mind, your heart, and your gut, this concept changes everything.  And We mean everything. So if you do nothing else, walk through life on a daily basis with the knowledge that the Source lives through you and supports you. It is bringing you Joy and Life in the same way that It is bringing the fruits of the earth into maturity. There is no effort on your part – the Source does it all.

Does this absolve you from responsibility for your life or from any action on your part? Of course not.  You are always accountable for what happens in your life, in physical terms.  You must take a hand in what happens.  But when you move with an awareness of the availability of Grace, the effort is gone.


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