Since the Tide Change last month, you have lived with the 2016 energies, free of Our influence. This has allowed you to feel the energies while being free of external stimuli. It has also allowed you to find your own “coping mechanisms.” We hope that you have taken advantage of this time – that while We were physically absent, you discovered more about yourself and your life. This took some courage and wisdom on your part but We know that you have these qualities in ample supply. Now, We are able to add Our voices to your own wisdom.


As We told you last year, this is a year of “coming to Jesus.” That is, it is a year of facing yourself, finding out what you want, assessing where you are and how you feel about it, deciding where you want to head, and taking care of everything that stands in your way. (It’s a busy year!) In the first 3 months of this year, the majority of this information will come from your daily emotions – without your mind interfering in the process. Many will feel that they are “out of control” but you, dear one, have the advantage of understanding what is happening and will able to flow with it – not fearing the power of these emotions.


For a moment, let Us explore emotional energies. This is a big topic, of course, and We will be touching the highpoints in this format, but understanding emotional energies is helpful in your process. First, emotions do not predict the future. For instance, if you are fearful, it does not mean that your fears will be realized. Conversely, if you are excited, it does not mean that something great is going to happen. Emotional energies are suggestions about life. We have told you before that you cycle through all emotions in a 24 hour period. It is up to you which emotions are physically realized. Too often, these energies are understood as responses to the world around you. No! They are messages from the universe, allowing you to choose and manifest what you want. Second (following the first), acting on emotional energies is a personal choice that is best taken with full knowledge of your personal goal. Physical life is best lived by the Aware – by those who feel their emotions, recognize them, know which emotional energies are most useful to their ultimate goals, and encourage those particular energies in themselves. Emotional energies, in short, are the raw material of manifestation. They are a flow of Power from the universes, available to you for use – if you approach them with knowledge.


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