Traditionally, the Spring season is the time to plant in the earth.  Humans sow their seeds (while being gifted by the natural beauty of the earth) and nurture them.  This Spring, if you understand your emotional Power (and you understand yourself), is a wondrous time to plant the seeds of a new life.  This involves your use of emotional energies – what you have learned about what you want. Truly, dear one, you can live in any way you choose – your body, your mind, and your physical surroundings can be anything you want.  Don’t judge what you want by any external standards – by societal or “spiritual” paradigms. Free yourself of temporal, superficial opinions and let loose.

While Spring will be a time of freedom for you the individual, while it will be a time to plant the seeds of a new life, you will not see this in the world around you.  Other people have not prepared their own ground, do not understand their own emotions and their Power, and therefore will be extremely difficult.  They won’t like the freedom (which they will interpret as insecurity and lack of direction). When (unaware) people feel unsettled, they lash out.  Therefore, this Spring will be a time of unkindness – and no one is silent about it.  They are loud and cantankerous and won’t stop.  Ignore this.  Please.  Focus on planting the life you want (We hope that it includes beauty, kindness, and acceptance) and ignore their actions. By living a life of personal beauty, you are countering their actions in the earth.  Look around – it’s a beautiful time full of potential and possibility.  Focus on this, not on those who have lashed out rather than looking to understand themselves.

While you can’t expect everything you want to “come true” during Spring (remember, patience, process, and time – all of which work for you, not against you), you can expect that you can become the person who will live the life you want .  .  .


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  1. brenda rosario says:

    tips and hints not coming up….I look forward to reading your newsletters….they make my day……

    • admin says:

      Yes, Brenda, the tips and hints page won’t be posted until tomorrow night (April 6). I’m glad they help you! Blessings, Kathy

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