April is full of Light; physical and spiritual Light. It’s a bright month, it’s a powerful month, and it’s a month in which a lot is going on. Just as in March, it’s important that the individual differentiate between what is happening “out there” and what is happening in his or her own sphere of influence. If one focuses on one’s own life, using the power of the Light can truly change one’s pathway. If one focuses on events that are not directly a part of one’s sphere of influence/life, the Light is dissipated and much less is accomplished on a daily basis. Paralysis sets in as the mind is caught up in the distress of others.

We are not saying that compassion, or even some assistance, is useless. We are saying that there is always “pain and suffering” in the physical world (we’re using your words, not ours; remember that each individual chooses his or her pathway for his or her own purposes). Helping where you can is a wondrous act of kindness and acting with compassion brings more kindness into your world. Thinking and/or acting in fear or distress (especially when it isn’t your fear or distress in the first place) only brings more of the same into your world. Which action is more helpful? Which action is more useful? Which action allows you to live in Light and bring more Light into the world? The choice is clear.


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