This is the one word – the one action – that leads to your happiness in the coming months. It doesn’t mean letting go of your desires. It doesn’t mean letting go of your goals. It doesn’t mean submitting to the will of another. It doesn’t mean being inactive.  Surrender is simply recognizing that you don’t have all of the answers – you don’t know the real path (and the shortest path) to your own joyful life.


Over the past 6 months, life (and life experience) has lead you to question everything (if you think that this didn’t happen, you weren’t paying attention!). What you thought would happen, probably didn’t.  What you thought wouldn’t happen, probably did.  Nothing has been predictable but everything has made you question who you are and what is possible (or impossible) and desirable (or not desirable) in your life.  First off, know this (and this is Truth): Nothing in the past 6 months predicts what will happen in the future. Everything that has happened has been about pushing you to recognize and identify your own beliefs. As noisy as these months have been, they have pointed you to your own thoughts and feelings. This is valuable information moving forward. You now know what truly matters to you . . .


Now, it’s not up to you to decide how to achieve what matters.  You’ll need to let the universes support you in the coming months.  The value of the past few months is in recognizing what is absolutely necessary to your happiness and communicating that to the universes . . .



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