Especially throughout the last era, it used to be considered vital that you knew what was going to happen.  (That you could predict the future.) Portents, signs in the sky, the ability to (clairvoyantly) see into the future were prized above all else. Energy, time, and even assets were poured into these activities: all to help people feel safe and secure. People felt that much of their lives were up to “Fate” and that they were powerless to change things – except for the “negative.” (One could avoid bad things or the wrong choice if warned.) The stage was set (fixed) and it was the burden of the human being to pick up the correct props or reap the bad consequences.

 This worked in the past because of the base beliefs that we have mentioned before: Humans chose a system in which they looked at themselves as flawed and separate from god/goddess. They had “fallen from grace” and the point of existence was to improve themselves (through reincarnation and karma) until they became “enlightened” – one with god/goddess. Portents allowed individuals to choose the “proper” path – to choose between right and wrong – and therefore become better.  Earth experience was lived in order to improve upon and purify the soul.

Many still hold to these old belief systems and try to predict the future as well as to pick the “right” pathway. Again, we have told you over and over and over, these old ways of living don’t work anymore. In this era – an era of awareness – humans have chosen to become aware of who they truly are: God/goddess living in the earth for the experience. This means that there is no “correct” choice or path (or set/fated stage) – there is only that which satisfies you or does not satisfy you. How do you know if you are satisfied? If you’re having the experience you want. “Happiness” or “sadness” isn’t the bottom line.  The bottom line is this: What are you doing to change your life and create satisfaction?

This Fall season highlights these attitudes, for the aware.  In practical terms, this means that the “year of coming to Jesus” focuses you on you, with a bang.  What experiences do you truly want? What kind of life right now truly satisfies you? What are you doing to live this life? These are the sorts of questions that events focus you on in your daily life. A lot happens but nothing happens with the purpose of “moving your life ahead.” It happens with the intent to focus you on your true needs and purposes . . .


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