We know that you celebrated the New Year on January 1st.  It is your custom now to celebrate by calendars, not through energies.  However, the energies of 2017 began moving in on January 3rd, and the full energies won’t influence you until Sunday, January 8th.  For that reason, We can rightly say to you now: Happy New Year!

2016 was the year of “coming to Jesus” or, if you prefer, the year of “Truth and Light.” You were forced to face what had been psychologically hidden or ignored (individually and societally) and deal with it.  As an individual, We hope that you did that as much as possible throughout 2016.  If you didn’t, you will be dealing with continuing messiness in your life during 2017 and won’t be able to take advantage of new opportunities. In society, you are seeing the result of this: Division and conflicting (and often noisy) beliefs. It will take some time until all of these are reconciled and a new path can be taken for your country and for the world.

So what is the energy of 2017? For (aware) individuals, it is the time for new pathways, opportunities, and breakthroughs.  It is a time of Personal Empowerment. You can take the new understandings of s/Self that came through the experiences of last year and use them to create a whole new life.  That’s exciting. Since human life in this era is about experience, not learning, aware Beings can (and will) have the ability to experience a whole new kind of life. The “lessons” of the past are not needed – what is needed is fearlessness and excitement, being adventurous. The more you are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, the better the outcome. This still doesn’t mean taking a leap – success is accomplished step by step. But it does mean being open to and exploring, the use of new skills and entertaining new ideas.

For societies, the ride will be bumpy. Since societies take longer to “learn and turn,” the new energies will push groups of people to do things in a novel way and this will be met with resistance . . .


This is a small excerpt from the January  – March update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the quarter,  click here

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