Have you been using your Power? Have you been open and clear, willing to explore a new you and a new way of being and living? Have you moved with life or have you been focused on your own (seeming) desires? If you are living this way, you are ready for the Spring Season of 2017. Or have you held onto what “has been” and only willing to change small things here and there?  Have you been distracted by the noise of the world (especially human/political events) and paid less attention to your personal way of being? Then this Spring Season will force you to pay attention to what is going on inside of you. Events will occur in your personal life that compel you to “take care of business” and when that is done, you can use your Power to create a new life.  This is the nature of the Spring Season: Let go of everything that has held you, begin anew, embrace a personal transformation, and be willing to step into a new world, helping to build it.

Some old skills will help you with this no matter where you are in the process. To this end, we offer the following (yes, We have told you this before but we want you to read it all carefully, with new eyes):

Be detached . . .

This is a small excerpt from the April – June update – for information on how to order an energy update with complete information about the quarter,  click here

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