Let’s begin the Summer season with something from the Spring season.  It bears repeating because human life has been hectic and often stressful during 2017:

Pamper yourself!  This is very, very important.  It links with detachment, pacing yourself, and looking for the opportunity.  When you pamper your mind and body, you reaffirm the value of your own Being/being.  Pampering will mean different things to different people and different things to you at different times – it is highly personal.  Be aware of what it means to you when you do it – and be sure to do it often.

Because we won’t be communicating with you in this way after the next Season, part of this particular update will be dedicated to some basic tools that we have shared over the past few decades. Don’t read and say “I know this” or “I’ve heard this before”. Please pay attention and focus. These words will help you in your human (and spiritual) pursuits now and in the future.

  • The first and most important thing for you to remember is this:  Add the words “right now” to everything you think, do, and plan.  If you want something, realize that you want it right now.  If you decide to do something, do it right now.  If you have a plan, recognize it’s about right now – not about the future.  As the universal energies move (and while you sometimes simultaneously stand still) what you want to do, decide to do, and plan to do will change.  If you think about the future – further than whatever you have chosen in the moment – you will lose the (helpful and full of possibilities) option to change.  You need to remain open and flexible.  So, saying to yourself (and recognizing) that what you are doing is for right now is vital.


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