In the earth sphere, this is the time of year when darkness grows. In human consciousness, this descent into darkness is the movement into the Void. The Void – or the dark – is the place of Female Consciousness, a place where creation and destruction reside. This is where all possibilities dwell and where beginnings and endings abide – where vast and long term changes are produced.

We have left you alone during the first part of October so that you can experience this descent into the Void without interference/input from Us. Why? Because this has been (and will continue to be) the most powerful movement into the Void for human beings in the past several millennia. If you think back over the past few weeks, the number of fierce – often destructive – physical events is overpowering. Huge groups of people have been affected and will continue to deal with the outcomes for months and years into the future. Whether you have thought about these events or not, they have deeply shifted your own consciousness. (If you truly understand this, you will understand what is going on within your “leadership”!) On a personal level, as well, to one extent or another, your own life has experienced the same shifts. Who you are and how you deal with life is being changed – without conscious input. In one way, the “real” (spirit) you is being called into physical reality without the censorship of your organic brain. Input from Us would only interfere with the process, influencing how you deal with and perceive the events and your reactions and/or choices.

This process continues but the fundamental shift (in each of you) has begun. What We say now will not change what is emerging but will help you to use the energy of this time. This is why We can speak out now. As always, trust your Self and your own reactions but also moderate your physical choices/actions. The middle path is always the path of Power. Always protect yourself by adding “right now” to whatever you are thinking or feeling . . .


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