I began channeling in 1977.  The beginning wasn’t very dramatic:  I had simply always thought that I would channel for other people.  One day, I was told:  “It’s time to begin.”  Now understand, I was an “A” student in school and a science major in college.  Not only didn’t I want to make a fool of myself, I wasn’t sure that what I said would be true and accurate and helpful.  A friend, however, suggested that I simply try with other  friends.  If the information was inaccurate or harmful, they would let me know.

We quickly found that the channel was both supportive and helpful, with insight that far exceeded my own abilities.  My own standard had always been that if a channel could tell me what I had been thinking about subconsciously but had not yet recognized, it was a good channel.  And that’s what “they” seemed to be able to do!

I have always called the channel “they.”  This is my own superstition.  I felt that if I had a specific “guide,” I would be working with someone whose perspective was geared to me.  But if I left myself open to anything or anyone, I would be able to channel the energies of those with whom I worked.  Therefore, information comes from the “guides” of the client – god/goddess, masters or lady masters, or the Soul of the client – depending on what they need at the time.  Many clients believe that their information comes from “the Council” and they could be correct.  Certainly, my own history includes many, many lifetimes with those of the Council and I personally connect with these Beings on a daily basis.

Over the past 3 decades, I have expanded to offering gatherings (others call these classes but we prefer to refer to these as gatherings, honoring the Power and Wisdom of those who attend as well as the channeled information). Each connection is geared to what the client needs at the time. Consultations are personal information and question and answer sessions.   Gatherings are channeled group sessions that are focused on a specific topic that is relevant to the current energies.  All of these are meant to support the individual in being all that he or she wishes to be within his or her current lifetime.

I currently reside in San Jose, CA, the city of my birth, but I have consulted with clients all over the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) through all of the above methods.  Click on a tab (above) to see what you can do to consult with the channel from your place of residence.

Blessings be with you always,