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I’ve read numerous spiritual or would-be ‘holy’ books in addition to most remaining religious texts. My current favorite probably remains Autobiography of a Yogi, but The Way it Works is a serious contender. Think What the Bleep, but with substance. I’m not sure which parts exactly made the biggest impact on me. Was it the multiple “ah-ha’s” that I found myself saying & living over and over again? The same thoughts that stimulated detailed conversations with my friends? Was it that this is the first book that helps me to actually begin to grasp what ‘everything’ aka ‘god’ aka ‘gaia’ aka a million other names actually “IS”? Or was it the explanation of the human condition or the rituals or mind games? Maybe it was the summary of how science and creation co-exist. Seriously, this book is a merging of logic, philosophy, and spirituality with a tad of magic that seems to explain some of the most serious questions we find ourselves asking in life.      Daniel P

“The Way It Works”  by Kathy Pinna    I read Kathy’s book and liken it to a reference book to life in a time that is commonly known as the new age. I’ve had many consultations with Kathy and I recieve monthy energy reports from her. This book confirmed for me the thoughts and feelings that I’ve had most of my life about how things work.   If you want answers, if you want to be comfortable in the coming changes, read this book.      Pam K

“The Way It Works by Kathy Pinna” I have attended Kathy’s classes off and on for many years, and have had numerous personal sessions with her; however, I am still amazed and overwhelmed by the content, structure and amount of information in Kathy’s new book!!   Fascinating, concise, powerful and yet easy to understand… every night I randomly open the book and do whichever exercise I turn to, and unbelievably, the exercise always fits just exactly what I am trying to deal with that day.   My advice? Buy two-one to keep by your bed at night, and one to carry and read throughout the day…inspiring, relaxing and life changing!  The message of the book is as clear as Kathy’s classes and teachings: we are all perfect blessings, just the way we are..and if you forget that, all you need do is turn the book over and read the back!!   Pam M

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