When I see private clients, I am always asked where the information comes from. I tell people that I leave the channel open, allowing what the client needs to come through. This may be from their “higher selves,” their own soul, masters or lady masters, or even god/goddess. But I caution them that it doesn’t matter where the information originates;  After all, each of us is god/goddess. What matters is that the information is useful; that it helps the individual understand what he or she has chosen in this embodiment, why he or she has chosen it, and what he or she wants to do with it in the future. This allows him or her to focus on the moment – on the choices that are made now. And therefore they focus not on the origin of the material but rather on their own Power.

The same is true for information channeled for groups. Many people call this channel “the Council” and, in a way, this is true. Those with whom I am the most comfortable are Beings who often call themselves the “Twelve in Twenty four.” (This refers to the fact that these 12 consciousnesses are perceived, physically, in both their male and female forms. And yet, this isn’t exact. These 12 main consciousnesses are simply a manifestation – or step down – of a 13th overall Being. And they also manifest into more than 12, as each male/female Being “steps down” as well. Nothing is ever as “simple” – or physically explainable – as words make it seem!) They are Beings who have been a part of the original creation (which is ongoing, of course) of the Earth and have also been involved in many of the main religious dramas within the Earth. And yet, some of the information within these pages has also originated with what most call god/goddess – that broader consciousness that is involved in and aware of the ongoing creation of all of the universes.

But as in individual readings, it does not matter where this material originates. What matters, what is powerful, is your own individual understanding of the material and your ability to use it to empower yourself and your daily life. My intent is to present a coherent overview of the choices of creation – your choice to create – and then to offer exercises that will help you to connect with those choices. While temples and religions of the past taught that there were specific, objective rules that governed existence, there is no such clear-cut schema in this era. Reincarnation and karma were simplistic concepts that were helpful in that past, but a more self-directed attitude toward life is necessary now. Please read these pages, then, with an eye to adjusting the information to fit your world, your specific circumstances. These are not words to live by – hopefully, they are living words that spark your own awareness and your own Light.


Blessed be!


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