Client comments about gatherings, readings, and updates (no longer available).

Off and on, for the past two decades, it’s been my pleasure to share in the magic and beauty that Kathy channels into our world. While we may not all call the energies or powers the same thing, what happens when we gather together, with Kathy as our conductor so to speak, is pure and true.

So many nights I would show up, out of breath and rushing from another city, and after a minute or two of breathing, and letting go, there is a ribbon of serenity and openness that envelops everything else. I find myself present, and open, and most of all, welcomed.

In a world that is hectic and noisy and fixated on things, our gatherings nourish in the simplest and most glorious way, with love. And that’s why they amaze and draw me back, feeling the light, the love, the humor and teasing spirits of the gods helps me reconnect with that timeless link to other worlds, past, present and future.

I know that with Kathy there is honest and loving intent and that the same is true of those who pass through the door. It’s not just a haven but a circle of opportunity for all, to give and receive, and to go back into our own worlds, where we hopefully enhance that sense.

If you have wondered but not tried, I hope you shall try. We gain just as much from the circle as you and it is always a joy to be with like spirits. Blessed be!

~Deb G., Redwood City, CA

Each gathering is an unopened gift. That gift unfolds during the course of the evening. It could be as simple as “being seen and heard” or a point of confusion being clarified. At the end of the evening’s class, my inner experience is one of peace, awe and feeling blessed to have participated in the gathering.~ Linda R. Santa Cruz CA

Kathy is a rare spiritual teacher who shares her exceptional awareness with those who are drawn to her. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience her teaching over the years and her encouragement to value myself and the beauty and magic of the world in which we live! ~ Diane E. Santa Clara CA

I have been a client of Kathy’s for over 17 years and I would highly recommend her. Her readings are extremely accurate and entertaining.

~ Gretchen T. Oakland CA


I have been attending Tuesday night gatherings with Kathy Pinna for about 17 years. These gatherings, attended by interesting, like-minded people, provide for me an opportunity to relax and enjoy an intellectual and spiritual give and take that I find supportive and uplifting.

The gathering space, a living room, has enough “magic” or “energy” in it every Tuesday to at once make me understand that something very special is happening while at the same time allows me to relax and feel better about the Universes and my place in them.

I especially like those frequent moments when I have a “burning” question and the answers come without my even having to verbalize the question. It reinforces my belief that something special really is happening.

I think that is what keeps me coming back, week after week, the certainty that comes with long experience that something special happens in the Tuesday night gatherings, special enough that I can feel it, even if I can’t quantify it.

I enjoy the consciousnesses who visit with the group every Tuesday through Kathy, even if I don’t know their names. “Magic” certainly does happen there.

~ Mike R. San Jose CA

About Kathy’s readings:

Going to a reading with Kathy is like getting a spiritual spinal adjustment. No, she doesn’t lay on hands or manipulate any part of a person’s body. In fact I, as the visitor, come in, sit in a chair, chat a bit and then Kathy’s consciousness goes somewhere and someone (?) else comes in and has a bit of a chat with me.

I ask questions. They aren’t always all answered. Sometimes I’m better off if my questions are not answered.

Sometimes it’s a warm, comfortable experience. Sometimes it’s a rather difficult emotional experience. Regardless of my immediate reactions, I generally feel I have benefited immensely from having had the reading.

I am told what I need to, not necessarily what I want to, hear.

Also, there is a very spiritual aspect of a reading that seems to work on levels aside from the conscious level of my thoughtful thinking mental persona. I FEEL different. I often experience life differently after a reading with Kathy because I have somehow been changed. Don’t ask me to explain it because I don’t understand it. I just know that somehow the way I look at life is changed and therefore my experience of Life changes.

As I said, going to a reading with Kathy is like getting a spiritual alignment with who I really “am”. You can imagine how, once “aligned”, things go better.

~ Mike R. San Jose CA

I was first introduced to Kathy and ‘them’ in 1989 through an acquaintance of mine at the time. ‘They’ were very direct and clear in communications with me. Over the years I asked questions from many areas and levels of existence and I always left Kathy’s place with a new and exciting aura of delight and lots of new and helpful information. I consider Kathy and ‘them’ to be significant teachers in my ventures in third plane. I moved 356 miles North 5 years ago and I often think of them as things they taught me come resounding back to me in times when needed most. Thank you Kathy for being who you are.

~ Pam K. Yreka, CA

I like to think of Kathy as my spiritual coach. She has taught me incredible skills which have enabled me to move through the Universe with a consciousness that is clearer, more thoughtful and flexible. Her skills as an intuitive; a workshop facilitator; and coach allow me to be successful in meeting many of my business, personal and spiritual goals. I have learned to be a better ‘watcher’; have developed my meditation skills, and can ‘protect’ my sensitive self as a result of Kathy’s guidance and teachings. I trust Kathy to work with family members and friends. I stopped trying to prove her wrong! Duh!

~ Anna H. San Jose CA

Gatherings have been immensely helpful. Over the past (approximately) 20 years, I have felt and observed the changes in my life–some subtle, some more obvious. And they’ve all been good. Through the Gatherings, I’ve learned to live life less intensely and with more faith. “Live in the now” is not just a euphemism. Gatherings have helped me feel the value of living that way.

There have been too many advantages to name, but I’m certain my life would not be nearly as satisfying today if I had not started going to Gatherings in the 90s.

Of course, consultations are even more effective! I could just sit and enjoy the energy work without saying a word. I always leave a consultation feeling better–more powerful, more enthusiastic and more hopeful.

And then there are the Updates. Even though I don’t always faithfully do the recommended exercises, I’m very glad to have them each month. When I do them, they add comfort to my daily life and encourage me to continue being hopeful. The Updates are a wonderful tool for moving more smoothly along one’s chosen path.

~ Ann T. San Jose CA

I have been a client of Kathy’s for over twenty years. The insights and information she offers in both group gatherings and private readings have proved to be invaluable. My life and the choices I have made over the years have been influenced by Kathy’s unique way of looking at the world. It’s fun to explore all the possibilities that Life has to offer. I look forward to her monthly updates. She is an interesting, intelligent woman and a great friend!

~ Janet S. San Jose CA

Having experienced Kathy’s classes for more than 10+ years, I can say from my heart that her classes are balancing, spiritually enriching, and always stretch the sometime limited belief systems that no longer serve me in my every day life. Not only is the environment ALWAYS safe and supportive, but the practical applications for a more fulfilling life are experienced very quickly. The tools that are provided are on-going resources for the full expression of Who I Am on all levels of my “beingness.” Thank you again, Kathy!

~ Kyle J. Fremont CA

Attending Kathy’s gatherings, along with having readings / consultations and receiving monthly updates, has totally changed my life. I am looking at this wonderful world we live in through different eyes and am having magical experiences that I never thought were possible before. It’s getting much easier for me to live in the moment and be open to all the limitless, joyful, loving and fun possibilities the Universe offers.

~ Bette T. San Jose CA

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