Your Birth Day

Each moment is a birth. This is always so. And yet, you often forget this in physical reality. One of the most powerful ways to remind yourself that you can begin anew is to perform a ritual on your Birth Day.

If you can do this at the time of birth, please do. But if you can’t, as early in the day as possible is helpful.  Light a candle (the color of your choice). Gaze at the flame and say:  “I AM again moving into the Light of Life, full of potential, open to anything. I AM born anew into physical reality.”   Then take a few moments to think about what you would like in your life. What you would like to have, what you would like to do, what you would enjoy.   Breathe deeply and, as you exhale, blow out the candle.  The smoke of the candle is your Power and Light moving out into the world, carrying your newly born Self and the intents and desires of Now.


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