About the Book

A new era has begun.

Today, life is radically different from the life of our ancestors. Modern technology (such as transportation, computers, and mass communication) is continually changing the face and form of everyday existence.

As the physical form of life is shifting, so is the internal or spiritual life within each of us. But the spiritual practices of people have changed little, if at all. Prayer, meditation, etc., have not altered in thousands of years. The result: Each and every one of us is being guided by beliefs that apply to a different age and a different way of living!

The Way It Works – Your Guide to the Age of Balance explains why the spiritual rules have changed, how they have changed, and how you can use the new rules of living to bring happiness and enthusiasm to your own life. This comprehensive spiritual guide to daily living presents invaluable ideas as well as suggestions on how to thrive at this time and place of human evolution.

The Guide begins with an intuitive and understandable introduction to the history of creation and continues with a direct explanation of the new guidelines for this Era. Filled with valuable exercises, rituals, and practical advice, this book assists you in discovering your own unique purpose in life as well as showing you how to allow yourself to achieve the results you desire.

Both spiritual and practical, The Way It Works – Your Guide to the Age of Balance by Kathy Pinna (www.kathypinna.com) offers the life tools that you need to live a fulfilling and beautiful life in a New Age.

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