All classes begin at 7:15  pm


(2 nights each)   $115.00

January 10, 17

“Further Alignment with 2023

Now that the energies are fully here, practice
flowing with them and enjoying the Flow

February 7, 14

“Loving and Letting Go”

You know how to love—your job, people,
your way of life—but do you fully understand
the benefits of letting go? Find out.


March 7, 14


This is going to be an even more mystical, magical time. As the earth bursts forth and shows more growth, so does your life.  Yes, the years’ energies become even stronger and you need to be even more flexible. Hurrray!



Special Nights

(1 night)      $30.00

March 21       Spring Tide Change Ritual


A 48 hour cancellation notice is required for all classes and appointments.

Otherwise, full payment is expected

  • All gatherings are held on Zoom right now.

(Note: I do not receive mail at this address. Contact me directly for my mailing address.)

  • Most 2 night gatherings can be digitally taped and emailed to you if you live more than 30 miles from San Jose
  • One night gatherings are rituals and cannot be taped
  • Email for further information