All classes begin at 7:15  pm



Gatherings  (3 nights each)   $115.00



January 8, 15, 22


“More Skills for 2019”


Oh, 2019 will be quite a ride. Plenty of opportunity—and plenty of ways to miss opportunities. These additional skills will help you to take advantage of the possibilities






February 5, 12, 19



“Loving and Growing



The energies of love are powerful—actually they create miracles. Work with these energies for the good of yourself and others.






March 5, 12, 19



Developing ‘Luck’



Luck makes life fun. Basically, luck is Life bringing good surprises. And there are ways of creating more luck in your life. Learn the ways!









Special Nights  (1 night)      $30.00



December 18    Winter Tide Change Ritual


March 26         Spring Tide Change Ritual






A 48 hour cancellation notice is required for all classes and appointments.

Otherwise, full payment is expected

  • All gatherings are held at 1101 S. Winchester Blvd San Jose CA 95128

(Note: I do not receive mail at this address. Contact me directly for my mailing address.)

  • Most 3 night gatherings can be digitally taped and emailed to you if you live more than 30 miles from San Jose
  • One night gatherings are rituals and cannot be taped
  • Email for further information