Chapter One

You may call it God or Goddess or Primal Being. You may call it the Big Bang. The truth is, there was no name or self-consciousness associated with what “was.” It simply existed, a construct unto Itself, knowing none other. This “It,” a Being of potential, didn’t know how long It had existed. It didn’t know what came before or what might come after. Indeed, It had no sense of “before” or “after.” It had no sense of “other.” There was just existence. But as It contemplated Itself, It became aware of the existence of other possibilities. If it “moved” ( projected Its essence), interesting shapes and patterns came into being. Worlds were created out of these shapes and patterns. Worlds that you would think of as strange and exotic. It thought of them as Self. Much as a human baby can examine the shape of its toes and be entranced, this Being contemplated Its worlds and was enthralled. They were a part of It but, in a novel and wonderful way, separate from what It considered Itself to be. It wanted to be an active, conscious participant in these worlds, these wonderful creations.

And so It moved once again, creating subdivisions of Self that could move within, and experience, these worlds of shape and pattern. It became “souls.” Each of these individual, cognizant parts of It had his/her own intents, capabilities, and interests – specialties. Each part (soul) was drawn to participating in the new worlds from a unique perspective. In this way, It could taste multiple perspectives and have varied experiences.

These souls traveled through all the worlds of shape and pattern. Some are so alien to you, the human being, that they cannot be explained in human terms. They do not involve time/space. They are experienced through group consciousness rather than individual consciousness. The experience is direct and, in your terms, immediate. They evolve simultaneously – that is, they manifest the past, present, and future all at once. Multiple and complicated experience was/is direct and instantaneous.

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