Readings are available for clients who I have previously seen. I am doing all readings via phone. Please contact me at to be put on a waiting list. Gatherings/classes continue on Zoom.

Information about phone readings (available Saturdays) Please plan on scheduling two or more months in advance.

Information about readings in person  – not currently available (available Saturdays) In person readings are available in San Jose California.  Please plan on scheduling two or more weeks in advance.

What a consultation does:

  • Helps you see why you have chosen your life path and the people in your life
  • Tells you about your specific intents and purposes in this life
  • Tells you how those intents and purposes have influenced and are influencing daily events
  • Tells you what you can do to change and/or encourage what is happening right now and your future opportunities

       What a consultation doesn’t do:

  • No “fortunetelling”
  • Doesn’t tell you that something is “destined”
  • Doesn’t dwell on “past lives” unless they are pertinent to your present circumstances and choices
  • Doesn’t tell you that there are “negative” forces (or people) in your life

Consultations are meant to empower you and expand your choices, not make decisions for you.

To schedule a reading email Kathy at

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