Losing Weight (or gaining)

I’m in charge . . . of my body!

Our bodies are energy – the same energy (expressed differently, of course) as the rest of physical reality.  Elemental energy.  When we focus on elemental energy, when we love and appreciate it, it responds.  When we focus on and love our body, our body responds.

Focus on your body as it is, right now, in the present.  Look at it – see it, feel it.  Recognize the power and light and mass and shape of your body.  Right now.  As it is.  Breathe in deeply and appreciate your body’s shape and form.

When you own (recognize and feel) your body as it is in the present, you can change your body.  You can decide to change its shape, mass, look, or health.  When you are totally focused on your body as it is, you can then move it to what you desire it to be.  You will eat as your body needs, you will move in delight, and you will change the function (health) of your skin, blood, and organs.

This is the way life works.

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